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Office Carpet Cleaning Service in Edinburgh and all surrounding areas.

Covering the whole of Edinburgh, if you are looking for a professional office carpet cleaning company that can also clean rugs and upholstery, we are the guys to call!

A family-run carpet and office cleaning business, we are literally a one-stop-shop when it comes to keeping your commercial premises looking pristine. Having worked with clients throughout Edinburgh for the last ten years, we regularly provide cleaning services to hotels, offices, restaurants and other commercial organisations. As well as cleaning carpets, we also attend to rugs, sofas and chairs.

Why choose us for office cleaning?

You will find it difficult to locate any other company in the Edinburgh area who can clean offices and carpets at the same time. When you want your premises to look as good as they should, it makes sense to get the carpets cleaned at the same time as the office.

Flexible and adaptable, our office cleaners in Edinburgh can clean commercial premises and offices on a regular basis, attending to your carpets and upholstery when you need us to. For example, we may clean offices weekly and carpets every year.

Cost-effective to suit businesses of all sizes, our mobile team are equipped with the best possible cleaning tools and products. Whether you need a one-off spring clean of your premises or a regular service, we can take care of it all.

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Carpet and office cleaning services in Edinburgh

Clean carpets not only look good but last longer, allergies are reduced, odours are removed and visitors are impressed. Why buy new carpets when you can save money by cleaning them? You will find our office carpet cleaning service and cleaning service in Edinburgh convenient and economical. We will fit in with your business hours, cleaning when the premises are empty.

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Office cleaning and carpet cleaning

A lot of offices in the Edinburgh area have their premises cleaned regularly but not the carpets. However, if you have a heavy footfall, such as in restaurants, pubs and busy offices, it won’t take long before carpets and upholstery begin to make the whole area look shoddy and uninviting. Carpets pick up a tremendous amount of dirt, not to mention stains from spilt food and drinks. Even office carpets find themselves covered in coffee and tea stains.

If you don’t clean your carpets, they will become the perfect breeding ground for parasites such as fleas, skin mites and lice. The only way to get rid of this is to use a professional cleaning service which gets deep down into the pile. Dirty carpets make a bad impression on visitors whilst clean carpets not only smell good and look pristine but the whole atmosphere of the area is improved.

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